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Eyat - Sudan Steel Bridge Construction Project

In the ever improving political and military situation, southern Sudan can now share the country's oil wealth, but first must improve their infrastructure, which until recently was much undeveloped.

Using money from the oil fields and from the International Community, South Sudan is beginning to develop infrastructure projects, which includes creating around 3000km of road and over 100 road bridges.

Despite worldwide competition, Reidsteel were selected alongside the Ugandan construction company Terrain Services to supply these bridges. So far we have overseen the construction of more than 30 bridges, of varying sizes, and the orders are still coming in.

Due to the poor state of Sudan\'s road network, we have to ensure that all parts required for erection are able to fit into 20\' containers and the pieces relatively small to permit delivery of the bridges to the sites and reduce the amount of cranes needed for construction.

Unlike in previous years, the bridges are being designed to be long-term, and to withstand full high-way loading. These are not short term emergency equipment bridges with their narrow decks, rattling roadways, sagging shape and vulnerable trusses. And they are not the feeble single lane short span concrete bridges which were often all that were available.

The design of the bridges included two lane roadways. These roadways have multi level barriers to prevent collisions between vehicles and the main steelwork, and to keep vehicles on the straight and narrow (or rather, wide). The pedestrian footpaths are well segregated from the roadway. These features should increase the safety and welfare of the road users and, more so, the pedestrian users of the bridges.

Eyat - Sudan Steel Bridge Construction Project Image 1
Heavy vehicles crossing the bridge
Eyat - Sudan Steel Bridge Construction Project Image 2
2 x 40m span steel through-truss bridge
Eyat - Sudan Steel Bridge Construction Project Image 3
Collapsed bridge in Rumbek - an example of Sudan's poor infrastructure
Eyat - Sudan Steel Bridge Construction Project Image 4
Pedestrians cross the bridge safely
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