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Steel Cable-Stayed Bridge

one tower stayed diagram two tower stayed diagram

Although expensive, stayed bridges may be the only viable alternative when: there is no access to the gap, on which temporary or permanent piers could be built; when there is no staright level run up to the gap which would permit cantilever launching; when the span is too big for regular through truss bridges. And, in particular, one-tower bridges are useful if there is no good access to the far bank, as they can be built from one side only. But please note: you stll need enough space for the large counterweights, which may need to be one fifth of the spann for a two tower bridge.

  • Long span (50m - 200m)
  • Very strong, but also flexible
  • Economical as allow a slender and lighter structure which is still able to span large distances
  • Light weight is an advantage in earthquake-prone areas
  • Modern and simple design makes attractive and distinct landmarks
  • Easy to build in segments where in-situ construction or cantilever launch on rollers is not possible. This requires substantial piers and large counterweights
  • Less suitable for very windy places due to its lightness
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